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This is a single player adventure game, mainly focused on puzzle solving but also on exploration and real time combat. 

The avatar of the player is the protagonist of Howl’s Moving Castle: the witch Sophie Hatter. With her there’s the fire demon Calcifer, that Sophie uses as a weapon to defeat the enemies, so together they count as only one playable character.
The main feature of the game are the golems that Sophie can animate with her magic. Every golem has its peculiar usage and a cost in resources in order to be used. So the player, while solving puzzles, needs to choose wisely which golem to choose in order to avoid wasting resources.
Lastly, level boss fights are not actual encounters but more like dynamic puzzles: these enemies are immune to Sophie and Calcifer’s attacks and the only way to defeat them is by using the brain and exploiting game elements present in their arenas. 

Starting from this game design, we fully designed the 10th level of the game, the "Waste Disposal Plant" and developed a playable digital prototype to test the many different puzzles the players have to face during this level.

Matteo Moriani - Game & Level Design
Riccardo Lombardi - Game Design, Level Design & Programming
Marco Farina - Game & Level Design

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GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Tags2D, RPG Maker, Top-Down


HMC:D&D_WasteDisposalPlant 270 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and run "Digital Prototype.exe".
Choose which area you want to visit and solve all the puzzles.
Use wasd to move, spacebar to interact with objects on the screen and shift to slow down your movement speed.
Remember to interact with the grey rubbish present in each area to build the golems.

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