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Mastermind or Master Mind is a code-breaking game for two players. There are two roles: the coder who writes a sequence of colors and the decoder who has to guess which colors are used and in which order. 
If the decoder guesses a color but not the right position for it a white pebble is placed. If the decoder guesses a color and its right position a black pebble is placed.

For the sake of simplicity, since we had to develop it in C, we decided to change the colors with the numbers (all the rules of the base game are still applied). Also the machine acts as the coder and the player as the decoder.

While it is a very simple game I'm very attached to it: I started the course in Computer Science because I wanted to do games, but I never had any programming skill earlier and I've almost dropped my studies due to how difficult it was for me.
Then at the end of my first year, I attended this course in which you had to develop a small game in C. It was the groundtruth for me: if I was able to do it and if I liked working on it, I would have continued my studies and one day I would have tried to become a game developer. 

Riccardo Lombardi
Giovanni Forleo

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